Your greatest step in God is your next step.

Next Steps

The most important step you can take in God is your next step. That can include joining us for another service, putting your faith in God for the first time, experiencing the power of baptism in Jesus, or starting your journey to find purpose in The Connect. No matter what you do, take the next step that is right for you.


We want to provide a place every weekend where people can encounter the life changing presence of God. People have enough influences in their lives telling them what they can and cannot do. We want to be a place where they are loved, encouraged, and accepted. Our Worship Experiences will be FUN (yes, you can do that in church) and a place where people will want to invite their friends and family. Learn more about our weekend services.


We were created for relationships and church should not be any different. In times of need and times of fun, Circles will be a source of friendship and support. They are key in individuals developing connections with those who share their interests and people who are dealing with similar life issues. Find freedom through life giving relationships. For more info email us here or join a circle.

The Connect

We don’t pretend that a discipleship process can be accomplished in 4 weeks but people have to start somewhere. THE CONNECT will allow individuals to get know the pastors, the church, and begin the journey of fulfilling their destiny. Find your purpose in THE CONNECT

Make a Difference

We were not only created on purpose; we were created for purpose. The Experience Team is the vehicle we use that allows people to fulfill the purpose God has for them. It is always a special moment when you watch people find and serve in the area they were created for. Join the team and make a difference.